Welcome to the Barnyard!

We welcome you to our website and invite you to learn a little bit about what makes Millside Inn one of the best little bars on the planet.


That’s a bit of a strong statement, so what makes it true? Could it be the ice cold beer? We offer a nice selection of ice cold beers by the bottle, can, or glass. Our prices are certainly affordable. We also have a fine liquor selection as well as a couple varieties of wine and coolers. Of course there’s soda, lemonade, iced tea and fruit juices for those steering clear of alcohol. That must be part of it, but it must be something more.


Could it be the food? We have a simple menu of good quality food available for lunch or dinner, for here or to go. Some say our burgers are the best around. The prices are definitely affordable. That has to be part of it, but again, it must be something more.


Maybe it’s the entertainment and games. There’s always a television in view. The internet jukebox has an endless variety of music to pick from. The pool table is sweet, and it’s free. There’s darts and foosball to add to the mix, plus video games to play. Oh, and there are live bands and DJs now and then to offer a change of pace. All these things definitely add to the mix, but there still must be something more.


Could it be the people themselves or the atmosphere in general? That must be it. At Millside Inn, you do have the freedom to be who you are. Everyone is welcome. There are always familiar faces, and plenty of new ones too. The bartenders are friendly, and the owner enjoys taking care of his customers. That is definitely a part of it.


So what makes Millside Inn one of the best little bars on the planet? All of the above. Please browse our website to learn a little more about us. Then come visit Millside Inn and experience it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.


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